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Why Choose Us?

The main difference between our competition and EISS is that none of our competitors own or practice an early intervention agency – they are software companies. EISS is the only program developed by directors within the early intervention & pre-school industry who are both therapists and fiscal auditors. What we bring to the table is a far and vast experience in dealing with the audit process, as well as handling the day-to-day ‘nitty-gritty’ of the challenges and difficulties faced by running a successful early intervention program. Our tried and true solutions to internal workflows, imperative to the early intervention regulations promulgated by Federal (IDEA), State, and Municipal regulations, are backed up by a recent sample ‘excellent’ individual and overall ‘report card’ of our company by New York City; this programmatic and fiscal audits are available for viewing by clicking one of these attachments.

We’ve seen our competitors’ software, and not a single product we’ve viewed is comparable to the robust nature of our program. Our competitors don’t have immediate access – as we do. This allows us to stay ahead of the changing regulations, and thereby minimize citation upon audit, while maximizing your efficiency. Our competitor’s response to change is much slower, and requires input and request from their customers. Moreover, they charge a high monthly fee, as well as a large upfront fees – some as much as thirty thousand dollars, or a per claim fee. Our price is better and our program is superior.

The EISS program makes on-the-fly changes very quickly in anticipation of the many changes which occur constantly throughout the early intervention industry. Our fees are approximately half (1/2) the price of other comparable software programs. There are little, if any monthly fees and NO FEES per claim. Our monthly fee is manageable and there are no per claim or hidden fees.

Our first rate software program handles your data efficiently and quickly while simultaneously reducing your office staff by eliminating the need to hire more staff to handle the infusion of large numbers of children, as your business grows!

Why worry about data management, tracking reports, payroll, the possibility of fraud (see details,) viewing claims, accounts receivables, when our tried-and- true, comparatively inexpensive software does this for you?