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What We Offer…

Child/ Therapy Data Management Modules Include:

  • Track expiring IFSP, IEP, annual physicals, Rx’s, progress notes, & other essential data
  • Customizable Search capability for expiration of child’s prescription & other criteria
  • Powerful search engine for expiring items such as therapist license, annual physical, and other personnel data – customizable to your needs
  • Automatic notifications to therapists and service coordinators
  • Automated Child age-out reports prior to third birthday to assist parents in transitioning to CPSE/Pre-school
  • Produce Reports listing when Progress notes are due, past due, as well as customizable reports
  • Customizable session notes with pre-printed goals for each discipline
  • Customizable Invoices for each therapist
  • Automated reminders for therapists and office staff
  • Quality assurance functions for therapists & service coordinators
  • Real-time remote access to client files consistent with FERPA compliance
  • FERPA/Medicaid compliant message board and e-mail attachments
  • Automated personnel compliance tools & alerts
  • Automated tasks, data entry, tracking, & communication
  • Customizable reporting
  • Ability to write progress notes electronically with instant availability
  • Child & Therapist Data Management
  • CPT and ICD-9 search engines hybridized within our software application.

    Billing & Accounting Functions Include:
  • Easy Data Entry for billing
  • Electronic billing – available for NYC and Suffolk County, and customizable to any electronic billing program
  • Accounts Receivable reports
  • View Claims
  • Track number of units
  • Electronic modem import (download of remittance advice) and posting of payment data including denial codes, as well as ICN reference numbers + line numbers to identify line of each claim for easy review of receivables– no more searching through countless remittance advices to re-bill old claims
  • Upload (e.g., sending out claims to web interface) by batching module
  • Numerous warnings for claims which cannot be billed including: exceeded daily or weekly limits, SE/SI and TSHH/TSLD on same day, billing outside the scope of the IFSP period, session length is incorrect
  • Available for electronic billing (such as NYC or Suffolk County)
  • Customizable for your municipality’s electronic billing program
  • Adapted to non-electronic/paper billing systems
  • Custom Interfacing with billing software of your choice

Service Coordination Module:

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  • Type progress notes directly into system
  • Displays how many units have been used in comparison to the mandate
  • Displays how many units are still available
  • Automatic prompting to print SC notes
  • Ability to “Review” all SC notes by supervisor
  • Ability to reject overlapping times by same SC for same or different children
  • Enhanced ability to facilitate ease of NYC ‘Family as Partners’ initiative

    Fraud Detection Module:
  • Detects lack of travel time between visits
  • Web cartographic mapping to determine “real time” travel estimates between children’s homes
  • Alerts if a therapist submits overlapping/same times for different children
  • Tracks travel time between different children
  • Warns if a child was seen by two different therapists at the same/overlapping time
  • Warns if make-up date is invalid or was already used
  • NO additional annual or hidden fees
  • You send your own claims and YOU collect the ENTIRE amount of your claim
  • We DO NOT BILL YOU on a per claim basis

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Additional Features Included:

  • Try our program for FREE – for up to 90 days at NO COST
  • Available training and support at no extra cost – FREE for 30 days beyond purchase date
  • FERPA & HIPAA compliant in both hardware and software (link)
  • Concurrent usage for all users
  • Ongoing customization available in accordance with your contractual or County regulatory requirements
  • Can be tailored to electronic Suffolk County, New York City First Health or Covansys billing at no extra fee
  • Custom tailored to any electronic or web-based billing system of your choice
  • 24/7/365 real time access
  • Reduced postage costs, and postage meter costs by uploading documents, consistent with FEPA via CDR

  • Reduce the need for multiple clerical staff by fully automated computer functions
  • Grow to highly efficient organizational compliance
  • Empower your staff with full remote access to case records, while saving fees on postage
  • EISS is a 100% web-based, hosted program solution that is accessible via simple internet connection1


  • System to transmit and archive e-signature
  • E-records and child sensitive data
  • Our systems has been reviewed by the NYC Information System
  • 128 bit security

Remote Therapy Module

  • Therapist may log on and print customized session and organize notes
  • E-records and child sensitive data
  • Our systems has been reviewed by the NYC Information System
  • 128 bit security

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