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Welcome to early Intervention


Early Intervention software systems (EISS) offers Early Intervention Agencies a powerful data and billing tool to grow their companies with peace of mind, while cutting costs by having many of the responsibilities performed by office staff automatically performed by software. In this way, the company may grow, while minimizing accompanying costs of increasing office over head expenses. Our software program handles data efficiently and quickly while simultaneously reducing your office staff by eliminating the need to hire more staff to handle the infusion of large numbers of children, as the Client's business grows!

Early Intervention Software Systems (EISS) offers case management, database, billing, accounting and fraud detection modules that work as a seamless turn-key computer software application. This powerful tool, will save your company valuable time and manpower, while helping you save money, assist your internal quality control and audits, and allow you to grow efficiently!

What exactly does EISS offer you?
Are you tired of dealing with spreadsheets and possibly losing data by accidentally pushing one button?

Our powerful and easily maneuverable tool will ensure your compliance, save you valuable time & money, reduce reliance on manpower and spreadsheets, and improve quality control - all the while allowing you to grow efficiently!

  • Reduce the need for multiple clerical staff by fully automated computer functions.
  • Grow to highly efficient organizational compliance.
  • Empower your staff with full remote access to case records, while saving you fees on postage.
  • EISS is a 100% web-based, hosted program solution that is accessible via simple internet connection.

Our unique software modules complement each other seamlessly to provide the state of the art functionality you seek.